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Virtual Mama Connection Podcast

Apr 5, 2022

The following episode is with Taryn Ronning, Canine Behaviorist.

Taryn studied under a master trainer in Tofino BC and has always had a natural gift with animals. This led her to begin her training and rehabilitating dogs professionally in 2011. She has helped many of Jules the Doula’s clients and those who have worked with her have had nothing but positive results.


Our topic of conversation covers:

  1. How do we make the transition easier on my dog when we bring home baby?
  2. What are some rules you have for dogs when it comes to kids?
  3. What is considered safe interaction between our dog and toddler?
  4. What are some good bond building ideas for dogs and kids?
  5. Should we think about rehoming our dog? Where to draw the line.
  6. What are some tips and tricks for a happy human/dog family unit.


You can learn more about Taryn Ronning by reaching out to her below.

Taryn Ronning - 480-347-7612. 

Insta @tarynronning 

Facebook @trainwithtaryn